We are a group of creators, herbalists, gardeners, foodies, bakers, crafters, artists, educators and witchy women on a mission to encourage you to deepen your connection to plants.  We share a robust array of imaginative ideas from varied perspectives along with morsels of knowledge about each plant of the month.  Our Instagram page is a repository of our collective work.  You will find daily inspiration on our plant in the spotlight.  A peek at our Highlights quickly takes you through all the herbs we have explored in the past.
Plant Wonder Collective began in early 2021.  Founder Harmonie O'Loughlin had begun her own plant of the month study as a way to continue her herbal learning and organize the content she shared on her page @florasfeastbotanicals.  Someone asked to join to teach her young son about plants.  Another offered to draw one of Harmonie's monthly recipes.  Thus the first members joined the party.  Soon Harmonie began reaching out to folks to take on a particular viewpoint of working with the plant - a food blogger, tea maker, homesteader and so on.  The group quickly swelled to over 15 women with a love of plants.
Our first plant of the month was maple, inspired by Harmonie tapping the trees on her new property.  It was a small group for our first posting day as we looked to explore how this formation would work.  The day was pure magic.  The herbal tarot reading by Audrey Gilbert of @herbal_insights was an auspicious message of great things to come for this new collective.
In spring, maple isn’t a show off, she’s a subtle spring giver, generous to those who know how to wait, and how to work for that sweetness. We focus so much on the flowers of life- the achievements, the pinnacle moments, the things we want to show off on social media- but maple reminds us to consider the hard work of growing when no one is looking. Celebrate the twigs that are pushing out, lengthening slowly in the dark, and the work of pulling up the minerals from the depth of your psyche. Don’t forget the important areas of your life where you are making improvements that might not be recognizable on the outside just yet. 

 Where in your life have you been patiently waiting, consistently attentive but knowing the time wasn’t quite right? Something is aligning now. Your time has come.  Notice the opportunities when they appear. You might have to put in a little more effort than you have been, but it will pay off. Seize it. Own it.  

 As time has marched on, the collective has ebbed and flowed.  Some members have left, others have joined.  What has remained is our joy of plants and our desire to explore new ways to work with them or share favorite projects.
Check out our 2023 line-up and stay tuned for another year filled with plants.
Month Plants
January Hibiscus
February Cacao
March Dill
April Comfrey
May Lilac
June Mugwort
July Raspberry
August Goldenrod
September Mushrooms
October Rosehips
November Cardamom
December Evergreen