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Jenn Campus

Sacred Foods: Acorn Magic by Jenn Campus

Sacred Foods: Acorn Magic by Jenn Campus

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50+ pages downloadable PDF guide all about Acorns

All about the uncommonly used yet extremely abundant food source. A humble morsel which we don’t use much in this modern age was often a vital source of nutrition of our ancestors: the magical and fantastical Acorn. 50+ page booklet contains history, folklore, magic, and a ritual recipe. 

Table of Contents: 

  • Introduction
  • Oaks & Acorns in Sardinia
  • Acorns Feed Our Imaginations
  • Acorns Fed our Ancestors
  • Oak Tree
  • Famous Oaks
  • Sacred Oak Groves
  • Divine Oaks
  • Divine Right of Kings
  • Druids & Tree Wisdom
  • Druids
  • Tree Spirits
  • Dryads
  • British & Celtic Tree Fairies
  • Oakmen
  • Acorn Folklore
  • Eating Acorns
  • How To Process Acons
  • Acorn Health Benefits
  • Acorn Magic
  • Abundance & Prosperity
  • Longevity & Healing
  • Protection
  • Good Luck
  • Stewardship
  • References


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This document is for educational purposes only. Not intended for medical advice. Always consult your physician.


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