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Jenn Campus

April Seasonal Guide: The Earth is Our Mother by Jenn Campus

April Seasonal Guide: The Earth is Our Mother by Jenn Campus

72 pages downloadable PDF guide, all about Mother Earth

Earth is our most ancient Ancestor.  In this 72-page guide, we explore how our intimate connection to the Earth and her many gifts has informed our myths and folklore over the millennia. Is miraculous your natural state of being? Re-imagine a new, more just, and diverse world by following nature’s lead and hug some trees.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • The Great Labyrinth of Life
  • Simple Daily Ritual
  • Miracles in Pandemic Times
  • Let’s Celebrate Life!
  • Just Existing is Enough
  • Mother Earth is Alive
  • We Will All be Ancestors
  • Earth Giants & Ancestors
  • The Marriage of Earth & Sky
  • Jord & Thor
  • Greek Gigantes
  • Trolls and Stone Giants
  • Nerthus
  • Symbols of Progress
  • Earth Day & International Mother Earth Day
  • Earth Day History
  • Activities to Celebrate Earth Day
  • Get to Know Mother Earth
  • Get to Know a Particular Piece of Earth
  • Arbor Day
  • Yggdrasil Day
  • Amazing Tree Facts
  • Tree of Life Meditation
  • Pine Needle Syrup Recipe
  • The Four Keys
  • How to Connect
  • About the Author

Note: this is a digital download and you will not be receiving a physical product.

Please download on a computer due to the size of the download.  Returns are not given on digital products.

This document is for educational purposes only. Not intended for medical advice. Always consult your physician.

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