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Botanical Anthology: Autumn 2023 Wholesale Print Version

Botanical Anthology: Autumn 2023 Wholesale Print Version

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With a reverence for fall and the plants associated with it, Botanical Anthology: Autumn 2023 is now available.  

It is a seasonal, plant centered digital + print magazine bringing you over 50+ articles from 49 contributors to help you incorporate herbs in your apothecary, kitchen, harvests, craft, celebrations and more.


* Infuse a first aid tincture, steep root infusions + transition skincare to autumn

* Make pumpkin spice marshmallows, sip cacao bone broth + bake chocolate chestnut cookies

* Harvest medicinal roots, forage birch polypore + put your garden to rest

* Print leaves, dye with mushrooms + weave a cornucopia

* Divine with apples, craft a witch’s broom + discover olive folklore

* Celebrate Autumn Equinox + Samhain with simple observances

* Meet Alyson Morgan, Leah Larabell + Kirstie Gildersleeve

* Check out our new feature Ask an Herbalist


This publication is comprised of 7 subsections: 

Apothecary, Kitchen, Harvest, Craft, Folklore, Celebrate + Viewpoint

We also have many fun features throughout the publication.  Take a peek at the images to see the full table of contents!

Let us be your guide to work with plants as you journey through this autumn season. 


Thank you for your purchase!  You are directly supporting creators to continue sharing their knowledge and inspiration.  


*Not intended for medical advice. Always consult your physician.*


Sourcing herbs:

-Search for a local natural foods store or food coop as they are likely to have a bulk section where you can choose the size to purchase.

-Mountain Rose Herbs, Oregon Wild Harvest & Starwest Botanicals sells herbs in 4oz and 1lb bags.  Frontier Coop sells 1lb bags.

-Find an herb farm near you.

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