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Botanical Anthology: Summer Vol 2 | Issue 5 | 2023 (Print)

Botanical Anthology: Summer Vol 2 | Issue 5 | 2023 (Print)

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With a reverence for summer and the plants associated with it, Botanical Anthology: Summer Vol 2 | Issue 5 | 2023 is now available.  

It is a seasonal, plant centered digital magazine bringing you over 45+ articles from 45 contributors to help you incorporate herbs in your apothecary, kitchen, harvests, craft, celebrations and more.

* Whip up an itch soothing salve, steep a California poppy tincture + infuse an evening primrose oil

* Whisk a milky oats honey mustard, make watermint chocolate chip ice cream + bake a starflower cucumber cake

* Grow amaranth, make fertilizer with comfrey + learn why you should add herbs to your garden

* Create clay mushrooms, eco print with coreopsis + make sidewalk chalk

* Form summer rituals, build a Lion’s Gate altar + discover rose family folklore

* Celebrate Summer Solstice + Lammas with simple observances

* Meet Rebecca Desnos, Susan Leopold + Tiffany Jones


This publication is comprised of 7 subsections: 








We also have many fun features throughout the publication.  

Take a peek at the images to see the full table of contents!

Let us be your guide to work with plants as you journey through this summer season. 


*Not intended for medical advice. Always consult your physician.*


Sourcing herbs:

-Search for a local natural foods store or food coop as they are likely to have a bulk section where you can choose the size to purchase.

-Mountain Rose Herbs, Oregon Wild Harvest & Starwest Botanicals sells herbs in 4oz and 1lb bags.  Frontier Coop sells 1lb bags.

-Find an herb farm near you.


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