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Wineberry Wood Press

Summer Solstice: Celebrating the Brightest Day by Wineberry Wood Press

Summer Solstice: Celebrating the Brightest Day by Wineberry Wood Press

Make a solar oven, take photographs with plants, craft like a bumblebee, and talk like a firefly!

Summer Solstice: Celebrating the Brightest Day is packed full of non- fiction nature information, crafts, and recipes to celebrate the summer season and the Summer Solstice! Fun for all ages, this book can be used to learn about nature, establish seasonal traditions with your family and/or to experiment and get creative with natural materials. You can spread these activities out over the whole summer, the month of June or focus on just a few things the week of the Summer Solstice and try others next year.

The Summer Solstice is all about the sun, so this secular guide is organized around different aspects of the sun itself. It brings us light, heat, energy, allows plants to grow, produces food, and is an amazing part of our existence. In summer, the sun is at its peak and the ideas in this book make use of the sun itself in a variety of creative ways. Summer Solstice: Celebrating the Brightest Day starts with the science behind the Summer Solstice and some different cultural traditions surrounding it and then walks through information, projects and tutorials that celebrate different aspects of the sun. There are 8 sections with two projects each for a total of 16 different crafts, games, recipes and celebrations. It covers flowers, meadows, herbariums, light, the science and mythology of the sun, solar power, tidepools and streams, fish and shells, summer storms, solar circuits, vegetable gardening with kids, photosynthesis, parts of a plant, summer evenings, twilight, fireflies and moths, bees and butterflies, sundials, wild berries and so much more!



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